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Mobile Collaboration Platform

Face-to- face communication has been and will continue to be the foundation of the clinician-patient relationship. However, the rise of mobility in healthcare is forcing organizations to rethink the way that they communicate and provide care. While the availability of online health information and patient portals make it possible for patients to take more responsibility for their own health, there are major issues that surround the security of electronic messaging. HIPAA regulations require health organizations to protect any and all electronically transmitted data by using a form of secure communication to reduce risk and protect their IT system from security breaches. Impulse Healthcare Solutions’ secure clinical communication solutions help healthcare systems increase efficiencies and revenues by improving communications, with and across their medical staff. Our expertise combines experience in hospital-based and outpatient medical practice, experience advising hospital systems and physicians, and deep skills in communications.

Configured for Your Organizational Needs

Poor connectivity throughout the care continuum results in inefficiencies that negatively affect care coordination, communication, quality and cost. The clinical communication solution from Impulse Healthcare Solutions enables patient care teams to swiftly communicate and access patient data. Communications among care team members are no longer delayed or disrupted, thus improving the speed and quality of care. Improved connectivity among care team members fosters collaboration and generates cost savings as each member synchronizes their workflows. This accelerates patient diagnosis and discharge timing, and increases care quality and patient satisfaction. Our clinician adoption rates are unparalleled. Let us show you how we can assist in solving a wide range of operational challenges such as:

  • Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)
  • Reducing Observation Times
  • Making EHR Data More Usable
  • Referral Leakage
  • Post-discharge Care Coordination
  • Reduction in Length of Stay
  • Preventable Readmission Reductions
  • Performance Metric Capture and Delivery
  • Simplified Content Sharing


Communication and


Integrate multiple enterprise solutions onto a single platform, streamline workflows and simplify clinical and nonclinical communications.  All of our customer’s environments are configured to their specific needs;  because no two organizations are alike.

Referrals, secure texting, in-house directory,  scheduling, patient events, lab results, role and responsibility specific news, calendar, feedback and access to support are just some of the features that your organization’s clinicians and staff can benefit from in a collaborative communication environment that is delivered in a simple-to-use environment.




A healthy healthcare organization communicates regularly with it’s physicians to convey vital news and information, administrative and operational bulletins and to stimulate dialog.   The collaborative nature of the Impulse HCS communication platform offers built-in tools for communication and content sharing creating a virtual physicians’ lounge.  Keep staff updated with roles and responsibility based communications and to engage with senior leadership through simple configuration.



A Patients who are actively involved in their own care tend to have better outcomes:  Not only do they receive the better car, but that care tends to cost less.  Through our communication platform, we empower patients by giving them the ability to access hospital and healthcare resources and engage with their care team.  Our patient engagement solution includes a patient portal, secure messaging and access to hospital resources including the physician directory.