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Standardized Ambulatory IT Adoption Process


Like many healthcare systems, hospitals are currently undertaking high-volume acquisitions of physician-owned clinics, which poses an issue to IT leadership of how to quickly and technically assimilate the clinics into their organization.  We find our clients need to understand the financial, functional and data accessibility implications of each acquisition and then have a mechanism in place to easily replicate the onboarding process of each clinic.


Impulse Healthcare Solutions addresses this issue with a standardized ambulatory adoption process that can be easily replicated in a high acquisition state.  Areas of our plan may include:

  • Understanding the data that will need to be migrated from the clinic’s legacy EMR to the new organization’s EMR
  • Identify maintenance and support requirements for the legacy EMR until the transition actually occurs
  • Assessment process of hardware, infrastructure and technical environment to identify technical gaps
  • Making the appropriate changes to bring the clinics up to speed on the new organization’s required technical state
  • A standardized workflow process that allows the acquiring IT/Informatics team to onboard a new clinic including an organizational adoption strategy
  • Providing a user-friendly platform allowing physicians to quickly access important patient data while the legacy EMR system is transitioned to the acquiring hospital’s system
  • Outline a training based on the hospital’s overall training plan.


Cost savings is on everyone’s mind.  By taking advantage of our standardized ambulatory adoption process, savings can be achieved through the mitigation of legacy system maintenance and reduction of man-hours when onboarding a new clinic.

Impulse HCS is dedicated to our clients.  Through our unique approaches, qualified resources and attention to detail, we are poised to partner with you and your organization to help you tackle the hurdles healthcare IT imposes today.  Let us help you find solutions to your most difficult HIT problems as we move into the next generation of healthcare.