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User Centric-Mobile First

Clinical and business processes are the key to every healthcare organization’s performance and are the primary mechanism by which healthcare organizations deliver value to their patients. Many times, key operational processes and workflows are locked behind back office systems in document formats that are prone to error or duplication. More so, the data captured in those documents is difficult to update when you need it and not necessarily in sync with the fast-changing environment healthcare systems operate within.

Impulse Healthcare Solutions can alleviate these issues with our mobile application development platform.  Now, risk can be mitigated, workflows managed, and governance requirements can be automated by converting your difficult legacy documents and processes into adaptable, user-friendly mobile applications.


Our mobility platform delivers to your entire enterprise and allows development of applications that:

  • Mobilizes existing work processes
  • Provide access to real-time business and clinical intelligence
  • Engage patients on compliance, wellness and chronic conditions
  • Drive user adherence to governance and policy
  • Can be quickly configured and deployed
  • Increases staff productivity
  • Improves utilization of systems through simplified processes
  • Exists in a HIPAA compliant and secure environment

No longer will your organization have to struggle with processes that are cumbersome and unfriendly. Give your users, patients and entire enterprise the ability to quickly engage and stay connected in an adaptable, simple and mobile environment.

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