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Education Services

Education Services


To achieve performance goals, Impulse Healthcare Solutions offers a variety of training solutions to healthcare providers and managers, community members and peer outreach workers. Impulse HCS develops course materials, curriculum’s and conducts the actual training using various training techniques.  Our training programs and materials are vendor focused, evidence-based, and culturally targeted.  Impulse HCS works with it’s partners to identify what factors contribute to desired performance and what can be done to strengthen them then develop targeted training as appropriate.  Some organizations attempt to handle this process internally and task select staff members with training their peers.  This puts a sensitive process in the hands of individuals who are new to the system.  However, it also demands these clinicians perform a labor-intensive part of the implementation process while still maintaining their current patient workflow.  A truly successful implementation requires dedicated specialists focused only on training while your staff focuses on patient care.

To ensure clinicians can fully transition to the new system without being distracted from patient care, Impulse HCS can provide you with a team of professional clinical educators assembled specifically for your organization.  Our team has the skill sets and knowledge tailored to your project and clinical systems.  Impulse HCS begins training your clinicians prior to implementation and continues with an educational program throughout the project.  This approach ensures your staff is fully prepared at go-live without distracting them from their patient care priorities at any time.

  • Instructor-led classroom training with experienced resources
  • Custom course development based on your organization’s needs
  • Computer-based training so your users receive hands-on experience
  • Webinar/remote training for your user’s convenience
  • Technical documentation that your organization can leverage in the future

What Others Say About Our Services

“Impulse Healthcare Solutions has consistently finished tasks ahead of schedule resulting in dollars saved for our organization.  This is exactly the value add we look for in a partner in technology.”

Dr. David Tillitt, MD – CMIO