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Process Improvement-Making It Better

Process Improvement-Making It Better

Leading healthcare organizations use guided and systematic processes and tools to evaluate poor performing processes because of the industry’s need to adapt, change, improve quality and control costs. The end result is always to increase organizational value and improve quality, safety and productivity, however, this typically requires cultural and habit changes.   

This is where Impulse Healthcare Solutions can step in to assist with our Process Improvement Services which utilizes a combined Lean/Six Sigma and Change Management approach to deliver successful and effective process improvement within your organization. 

The Impulse HCS Process Improvement Service approaches each project with a tailored model with the following core principles in mind:

  • Create value from a patient and customer perspective
  • Review all steps the in value stream to ensure they create value
  • Continually reach for perfection by removing successive layers of waste


Lean is a well-defined set of tools that increase customer value by eliminating waste and creating flow throughout the value stream. 

Six Sigma is a statistical model that measures a process in terms of defects. Six Sigma enables an organization to achieve quality by using a set of strategies, tools, and methods designed to improve processes so that less than 3.4 defects (errors) exist per million opportunities and processes are as near to perfect as possible.  

Change Management accelerates the implementation and increases the success of organizational change efforts. 


Through combining Lean, Six Sigma and Change Management, we have a robust Process Improvement Methodology to help you.  We have found that healthcare organizations that adopt Process Improvement programs can experience:

  • Reduced wait times and length of hospital stay
  • Improved patient safety and reduced mortality rates
  • Improved quality of healthcare and efficiency
  • Elimination of medical errors and adverse events
  • Improved hospital and healthcare staff morale
  • Efficiency and cost gains from reduced waste

Driving change for positive results can be a difficult process.  Let the Impulse HCS expert help you succeed with our experience and proven methodologies.

What Others Say About Our Services

“Impulse Healthcare Solutions has consistently finished tasks ahead of schedule resulting in dollars saved for our organization.  This is exactly the value add we look for in a partner in technology.”

Dr. David Tillitt, MD – CMIO