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Impulse Healthcare Solutions was invited to bid, as part of an RFP process, for clinical application services needed by a healthcare system based in Texas.  The project scope was to execute an upgrade for their current clinical application system as part of their optimization project. They required an organization to not only perform the upgrade but also develop training curriculum and deliver the training to their entire staff.  Impulse HCS won the RFP based on our experience and references.   Working under the organization’s Project Manager we executed the following services:


  • Worked closely with the implementation team and clinical subject matter experts, on an enterprise-wide design, which represented an improved clinical workflow.
  • Collaborated with the Informatics Team to ensure that workflow redesign was supportable via the configuration of the application.
  • Participated in unit and integrated testing of the software to ensure that the design objectives were met.
  • Supported the management and documentation of the overall configuration methodology, adhering to the organization’s configuration standards.


  • Coordinated all training events and functioned as an active participant on the implementation team.
  • Made certain training environments remained functional, updated and relevant to the design and delivery of the upgrade and workflow redesigns.
  • Developed curriculum based on the upgrade and modified workflows and then ensured it was delivered on time.
  • Oversaw the quality of training delivery meet the organization’s expectations based on the upgrade specifications and organizational needs including consistency and correctness of the materials.
  • Scheduled enrollment and tracked attendance of users providing reports back to management.
  • Performed classroom and one-on-one training to assist the users with the changes and comfort level of upgrade according to the organization’s needs.

This project was completed successfully and Impulse HCS has been invited to bid on RFP’s for additional projects, which have all been won by Impulse HCS.  This is due to our attention to detail, assigning experienced and certified resources, customer satisfaction and efforts to keep costs contained on our projects.